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Ceiling Fan: Tips to select the right model that match your preferences.


Until recent years, Ceiling fans used to be fairly boring with basic solid colour types. But all that has changed in recent years. Now there is a wide selection to choose from and you can select a design to be casual, elegant, rustic, modern, heritage or colonial. Along with newer, aesthetic designs, ceiling fans have also improved due to a larger selection of finishes. From black to wooden finish, there are an array of choices to suits your taste and design style. Just make sure that the styles fit in well with your space before making a final decision.


Think about what you want and need your fan to do before making a final decision. Do you need your fan to have a light? If so, choose a fan like SPIN signature fans that consumes less power and comes with a LED Light Kit option. Would you prefer to have multiple speeds available? Then make sure to have a fan that can be adjusted. Fans like SPIN can run in reverse which help distribute even heating during cooler months. So, choose the right model that meet your daily needs and preferences.


Ceiling fans used to be adjusted by a wall switch. Now, it has got advanced with controls like sensor, mobile app or remote control. Wall controls make it easy for you to adjust a ceiling fan upon entering or leaving a room, but remote controls allow you to adjust the fan without getting up from a couch or bed. If you want to have mode advanced control option, go for models like Haiku which has got options for sensor controls. Select models and controls based on the convenience you prefer.

Overall, choose a ceiling fan to complement your room and taste. The right ceiling fan can do wonders for your home’s style and atmosphere.

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