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The Epitome of Natural Wind

It complement modern homes and establishments, and is perceived as a stand-alone art piece on its own.



  •  Available in three premium colours
  • Apart from optimal airflow, the S I G N A T U R E S has an added function capable of delivering soothing wind simulating natural land and sea breezes. 
  • Unlike conventional ceiling fan which usually comes with an extension rod, SPIN offers the flexibility of both hugger and rod attachment adapting to different variations of ceiling heights.
  • Uses innovative Ultra Dynamics DC MotorTM (UDDC), making it more energy efficient (70% more efficient than traditional AC fans).
  • The airfoils for each size are also engineered at a specific angle for optimal wind delivery.
  • Resilient ABS material
  • Angled airfoils customised for each size
  • Consumes up to  70% less energy
  • Nearly zero humming noise
  • Timer function
  • Optional add-on LED light (tri-tone)
  • Extension rod suspension available for high ceiling
  • 10 years for UDDCTM motor
  • 1 year for all peripheral parts
  • c/w remote control with touch sensitive surfaces
  • Optional wall control unit 

Model:      SAVANNAH 43 / 52 / 60

Diameter:  43in (109.3cm) /52in (132.1cm) / 60 inch (152.4)

Motor:      UDDCTM motor

Colour:     Walnut Grain

Voltage:    240V/ 50Hz

Wattage:   7-40 / 4-42 / 4-35 W

RPM:        130-266 / 63-200 / 60-165 RPM

CFM:        6172  / 7724  / 8138 ft3/m

Spin Savannah 43" / 52" / 60" without LED

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